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A Perfect Solution For Small Business, Agencies and Freelancers.

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Grow your business withCitation Builder Pro

The easiest post scheduler for Google My Business. Whether you are a small business or a large agency with many clients, Citation Builder Pro will help you organize your content, schedule post times and provide consistency in your marketing.

Schedule GMB Posts

Our smart scheduler lets you choose the best day and time for each Google My Business post so you can choose when to send each post.

Track Post Performance

Advanced analytics allows you to track which posts perform the best so you can refine your campaigns for greater engagement.

Manage Unlimited Locations

Our system allows you to manage multiple properties and staff in a single dashboard making social media management quick and easy.

Hundreds of happy marketers use Citation Builder Pro every day to schedule information posts, events, sales and company photos to engage with current and future customers.

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Citation Builder Pro is The Secret to Massive Growth With Little Time

Create Targeted Posts To Grow Your Business

We Support offer, Event, Regular and Product Posts giving you endless option for promotion.

Built Call To Action Buttons Encourage Engagement

Drive targeated traffic to your desired action with specific call-outs.

Create beatiful images

The included image builder lets you to quickly create ideal graphics without a designer.

Customers who use our services report a decrease in time spent on marketing and an increase in engagement and revenue within the first few months of using our service.

Our Application Core Features

Bulk Import

Save time by uploading your posts in bulk with our easy import feature.

Website To GMB

Send messages from your website to Google My Business on the fly.

Auto Social Share

Citation Builder Pro shares your message on the day and time you choose.

Truly Ethical

We give you the ability to connect with your followers with trust and honesty.

Team Collabration

Allow multiple members of your staff to work together on your social media programs.

Complete White Label

Your messages are always free from ads and third party information.

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Citation Builder Pro has everything you need to market your business through Google My Business right at your fingertips. The dashboard lets you see the past-post performance, growth in engagement and schedule future posts. Advanced analytics help you evaluate your best and least-performing posts so you can focus on post types that are working and improve where needed.

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What Our Client Say?


Joy Hawkins

We have found that scheduling posts via CitationBuilderPro is a huge time saver. Now instead of logging into Google My Business every 7 days, we can schedule a full month's worth of posts at a time. It's well worth the low price point and we would suggest it to anyone who uses Google Posts frequently. The business owner is also super-responsive and provides excellent customer service.


Lori Smith

I've been part of the beta testing group for the GMB auto poster and it has made my job so much easier! Right away we picked up a new client for the Local GMB program, but being able to auto post has been awesome! The client has told me a couple different times that his commercial and residential painting company is getting jobs because of being found on Google.We are talking about a brand new company with no website.


Lori Smith

Try Citation Builder Pro today and experience how we can make your business soar. We have affordable plans for solopreneurs and agencies alike. If you have questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect plan.

Our Offer Plan

  • Business
  • $ 67/Year
  • Post Per Month(100)
  • Unlimited GMB Listing
  • Spin Text
  • Silo Posts
  • Auto Reschedule
  • Image Designer
  • URL Shortner
  • RSS To GMB
  • RSS Feed Of GMB Posts
  • Add Team/Clients - No
  • White-label Branding
  • Sign Up

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